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Se (u) Ch EE Ch HeVW-18 VW-18 HeVW-19 HeW-19

Gladtail Who's That Girl   "Lempi "

(Multi Ch Gladtail Make a Deal - CIB FI & EE Ch Eternal Fire Amazing Grace)



 Gladtail Bedtime Story  "Mokke"

 (Multi Ch Finngreen Finnish Desing - W-15 Gladtail Zilky Heaven)

 synt. 25.6.2018



Chic Choix Parti Tsarine  "Antsku"

(CH Khalila Grug Grande - CH Chic Choix Just So Chic)

Synt. 20.12.2013

Breeder: Juha Kares


Benton Grand Slam "Nadal"

(Ch Dewmist Rainbow Quest - Ch Dewmist Dignitaire)

s. 10.6.2020

Breeder: Piia Serguskin & Marjo Jaakkola


C.I.B. C.I.E. Fi Ru Se(u) Ee CH TlnW-12 Gladtail Written in Stars

(C.I.B & NORD & FI & SE(u) & N & RU CH Gladtail Make A Deal x C.I.B. FI & EE CH Eternal Fire Amazing Grace )

Synt: 21.09.2010



LT JMVA EE JMVA TLNJW-20 Kullapai Casablanca To Herkus

(Int & Multi Ch Prince Charming Qdore Of Labgold x Balt JCh Lt & Ee Ch Riera Jewel Of The Crown)

Syn. 28.6.2019

Breeder: Kristina Esolainen


Gladtail Be My Heaven

(Int & Multi Ch Multi Winner Finngreen Finnish Design x W-15 Gladtail Zilky Heaven)

Synt. 25.6.2018