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I am Anne Virenius and I live with my family in Jyväskylä, in the middle of Finland. 



I've been a great fan of animals since I was a child. I took the dogs of the neighbours out for a walk and took care of them meanwhile the owners were out of town. Especially I remember Finnish Spitz Seri and smooth coated collie Piki. Also German Shephard Viki was one of the dogs I used to walk with. Fortunately I had these dogs to take care of as I did not have a dog of my own yet. Friend of mine Marika gave me two budgerigars called Armi and Danny . Well, that was something as I could not have the dog I wished for. Later when Danny passed away Armi got a new friend, Mini budgerigar.

I have been going to horse stables since I was 6 yrs. Old. My uncle had horses and with him I began to visit horse stables of Kaarlo and Kari Ahokas. I spent all my spare time including holidays there. Keeping myself busy with the horses proved out to be useful experience for life for me; taking responsibility of expensive trotters and fysically hard work were good lectures of life.

The friend I used to go to the horse stables with, Jaana, moved away because of her studies. We made a deal of me taking care her German Shephard Sissinheimon Zaramani "Saara" meanwhile. I even took part to the working dog competitions with Saara. Finally in 1989 I got my first golden retriever bitch, Fin Ch Bammelohren Amazing Beauty.

Beatta was a great personality with high self-esteem and obstinacy. And I was the one, who had thought there's no need for debate with goldens! I had to admit I was wrong. Despite of all the "battles" we had Beatta turned out to have a fabulous character. She became the first brood bitch of Kennel Gladtail. We took part to field trial qalification more than once; not because she wouldn't have had the inclinations of the right kind, but she was telling me what to do and not vice versa as it should have been.
Dogshows were the hobby we shared even though Beatta was not one of the brightest star. I often went to the dogshows with a friend of mine, Hannele Tammivuori, whose Hungarian vizlas I successfully presented.

Beatta died suddenly at the age of 11. She was the dog of my life. Beatta's daughter, Fin Ch &Lv Ch & tracking Champion Bammelohren Dear Lady Twist has also been an excellent bitch. Unfortunately for Brenda field trial began a bit too late and she was a bit too old. After all she managed to get up to winnerclass in field trial getting second prize, about which I am especially proud of.

Me and my dogs autumn 2005

The first Gladtail litter was born in 1994. Gladtail dogs have been highly awarded both in dogshows and different kind of competitions. I owe a great thanks to the carefully chosen owners of the Gladtail-goldens !


- My aim is to breed healthy, beautiful goldens with working abilities, nice temperament and a golden character -

- Anne -